the purpose

“the purpose of life is to enjoy every moment.”

that was my tea fortune today.  in the past month or so, 2 people in my life have said explicitly that they don’t see anything that special about life.  one was my aunt as she was talking to the chaplain, processing death in the context that she’s not afraid to die.  the other one was my client who doesn’t get excited about anything because in her opinion there’s always another problem, another obstacle around the corner, so why bother to celebrate every event, every accomplishment?

may i never get to that point.  may i always see life as these pretty little moments, no matter how much they sometimes break my heart.  may i live for walking in the sun and the wind and admiring the way the leaves shimmer in the trees and the feeling of breeze on my skin.  may i rememer to find the small things my greatest source of joy and wonder.    may i continue to enjoy life, all of it, every little bit, as long as i can.