uptown.  i love you i hate you i love you.  now whittier, it’s all love, hands down, no question!  but uptown has its ups and downs.  today i love you for 2 reasons:

1.  my gym.  i go to la fitness in calhoun square.  no you don’t have a pool, yes your sales agents are aggressive and annoying, sure sometimes the front desk staff acts like it’s an inconvenience to have to have to scan my key card.  but it’s mine.  as an added bonus there’s a cleaning crew working what seems to be during all business hours, and during the times i go, i can always get a machine.  ps – the machines are new and shiny and functonal.  and all of the cardio equipment contains personal tvs.  laura called the uptown location a meat market.   i don’t see it, but so be it.  i let my insecurities strut my ass around in there and maybe that’s what everyone else is doing, too.  after all the horror stories i hear from other people gym shopping, and with some of the other freak-heavy locations with broke ass machines i’ve visited, i’m happy with my home gym.

2.  cheapo.  i looked up the other day as if noticing for the first time that it hadn’t moved in the last 20 years.  i thought discs were dead?  how has this place survived digitization?  tif suggested the large vinyl supply.  whatever keeps it open!  becoming more frugal (read: maniacally cheap) in the past few months, i was trying to figure out a way to spice up my music collection and have been planning to see what’s crackalackin in there ever since.  today was the day!  just as i remembered, maybe a little less busy but it was a weekday.  i love that sound of plastic casing clapping as i browsed.  i only went in for a little bit because i had things to do.  but i made some good purchases for under $25:  watch the throne (used – who needs gold leaf?),  prince the hits: vol 1 (vol 2 was marked skuf, so sadly i had to put that back.  not dealing with that, even for $5.99), and a dinah washington album.  so good!

oh and guess what’s on that prince album?  uptown.  this day is right.