family expansions

not mine, calm down.

but a couple of my friends have had some major good news in their families recently. it’s been really joyful for me! two of my best friends who are married just had their first baby on friday night. i got the picture and announcement via text message when i was in bed winding down for the night. she was so beautiful! it made me so happy. i totally started crying. i love these friends, they’re fun and chill, and they’re my role model couple. it was just a very joyful experience to see their family expand.

then another best friend found her birth family! she was adopted from colombia as a baby and though she only recently got ready to search, it turned out that luck was with her and her family was easy to find, ecstatic to hear from her, and they have been in constant communication since. this girl i have known since we were 12 and being witness to her journey is absolutely amazing. it also stirs up things in me and has me processing a lot about my dad and our strained relationship. oh yeah, and he finally contacted me and started addressing our issues – i think that was friday as well. looooots to think about.

but i’m grateful to have these friends in my life, and many other friends as well, and realizing that i celebrate with them and their joy becomes my joy! it has been a good weekend for reflecting on the strong connections i have in my life. i’m very happy!

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