here is a great story written by a blogger on jezebel inspired by the boston marathon.

marathons and spectators

it reminded me of when i was training for and ran a ten mile race a couple of years ago. i couldn’t get over the strangers who encouraged me while training and especially during the race. strangers. i wrote about it at the time.

here’s an interesting thing that has been happening to me since i’ve been training around the lakes in the past few months. very frequently the people that i come in contact with give me a thumbs up, a big smile, encouraging words. i do definitely make eye contact and smile sometimes when i’m running, but i think it’s so weird and wonderful that people take the time to show love to a stranger. i don’t know if it’s because i don’t look like your typical wiry bodied runner, or because i am looking at them, but that is one of my great joys in running, the connection with strangers.

it was amplified during the race. some people come for individuals, some seemed to set up shop to be just general supporters, and of course there were the volunteers at water stops. but anytime i could connect with someone through eye contact, cheers, comments about how they liked my smile, and in the case of one guy at cretin and summit, cheering and calling out my race number… it was such a treat to have the support of people i didn’t even know. as someone who has grown out of being semi-terrified of people, this was so meaningful! so i have to say that was my favorite part.

i didn’t know it was a whole community, a thing. though i do remember thinking back then that someday i would like to go watch and cheer for others. maybe this summer.

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