tuesday morning gratitude

this morning i’m thankful for:

this solidifying belief that maybe who i am and what i do aren’t so separate after all.  the fact that people like me for what i do for them… i wouldn’t do those things if i wasn’t the person i am.

the soft place that allows for simultaneous joy and heartache.

exploring legacies.

hope for healing.

my ability to change.

i’m also very thankful for this site.  a year ago, i had the inkling that i wanted to start another blog, this time focused on gratitude. i not only did that, but i ended up importing an old blog, and then starting a second blog.  but what i was thinking about last night was that i started this for one purpose, but it has served an entirely different and vital purpose for me in grief.  through the stories i’ve read here by the phenomenal people who write so well about grieving, i’ve found exactly the support i’ve needed during the times i can’t reach into my real world.  i can’t begin to measure how much that has helped me.

4 thoughts on “tuesday morning gratitude

  1. I remember seeing this post on a day where I had ranted about *not* feeling thankful. It actually helped me to calm down…and come away from that place of anger/sadness. Just as you stated, “the soft place that allows for simultaneous joy and heartache.” It is good to be reminded of that place.

    • yeah, i read your post after i wrote this one. but i still loved that post. you have to feel it all. in fact after i read your post it really solidified in me that going deep down into the not thankfulness is absolutely necessary. in order to move forward in healing.

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