i’m trying to keep this a gratitude blog as much as i can.  shit happens.

today i’m thankful for blogging to strangers.  strangers who talk back and bless me.  strangers who say exactly what i need to hear.  strangers who don’t know a damn thing about me but provide huge comfort anyway.  i’m not publicizing regularly to the real people in my life and i’m not sure why.  but i’m being honest here, getting it out, and feeling the kindness of strangers.  sometimes technology is lovely.  thank you.

One thought on “strangers

  1. I shared my blog with very few real life people. I needed a brutally honest outlet, but I am still too raw to deal with the people in my life freaking out over it, or wanting to fix it, fix me, or wanting to argue about it. Less messy this way.

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