i’ve never been a huge fan of driving. passenger yes, driver no. driving was a sometimes necessity for work or school, and i would endure it. sometimes i would listen to the radio, i came to like some morning shows, or a good podcast on a longer trip. over the past year or so i have enjoyed silence while driving; someone told me they like silence in the car as time to think and i thought it was so weird at first, but i came to enjoy it.

something else odd about me is that when listening to music in the car, i usually have it almost inaudibly low. i noticed and hadn’t done anything about it for a while. i think i didn’t want to disturb anyone with my noise. and an overall feeling of not wanting to take up space.

in the past few days, though, i have been enjoying a good driving session – windows rolled down, music LOUD, chair dancing. it’s really good! i was listening to reckoner and it brought me back 4 years to when i was house hunting and did that. there’s something different about music in the car, with the windows down, driving. it’s glorious! just the feeling of it, and not worrying about the people around me.

simple pleasures.

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