home away from home?

for the past few months i’ve been letting my cats out in the hallway for a few minutes, a couple times a day.  i usually get up by 6am and i figured this was a good time for their little taste of hallway freedom.  it’s a time when most sane people are still tucked cozy in their beds, where my neighbor with his overenergetic dog aren’t out for their morning walk so that i don’t have to referee inter-species race riots.

this morning i let them out, when i went out to call them in before my shower, the hallway was empty.


my first thought was that a passive neighbor was teaching me a lesson for letting them outside and had sent them into the elevator or let them into the stairwell.  damn it all, i never should’ve started this!  i cautiously walked down the hall and here comes louie poking his head out of the corner apartment at the end.  i was too baffled to make any judgement so i kept walking toward him.  luckily this was the apartment of a neighbor who was friendly with the cats. a single dad who had stopped a couple times before to ask their names.  he just smiled and said “good morning!”

he then proceeded to tell me that louie usually comes down in the mornings, mewing outside his door so he can come in and visit.  motherfucker.  how embarrassing!  so at first it was just louie, but lately mazzy has been following him down.  i looked around and here they are, big as shit, nosing their way around the bedrooms, making themselves at home.  i was dumbfounded and apologetic but he really didn’t seem to mind.

did i mention this was pre-shower?  read:  slept on post-pony bride of frankenstein hair, no bra and tank top, and sky blue baggy sweatpants covered in paint.  i would’ve been mortified beyond belief if single dad’s hair wasn’t a greasy mess matted to his head.

i scooped up my cats and left quickly, super embarrassed.  i don’t think he minds, i think he likes them, but still… what a strange feeling to know your cats are leading a double life.

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