wonderful compliment

we’re doing a treatment plan for a case study at school that is based on an actual client of mine. part of the treatment plan is to describe the therapist that is working with the client. as my group members were brainstorming on how to describe qualities of mine that work well with the client, i got some feedback that really touched me.

they described me as someone who was calm and not overly aggressive in my interaction style, yet not passive, not a pushover, nobody walks on me. they said my confidence is evident. one group member who has been in classes with me on and off over the past 2 years said one thing she notices about me is that i am so quiet in class that she would think i was just passively observing, but then i would make really smart comments that she wasn’t expecting. (this isn’t sounding as nice as it sounded last night, i assure you it wasn’t patronizing.) the jist i got was that i’m really attentive in my listening and insightful, confident in myself and my skills, but not obnoxious about it. and that’s exactly what i want in a professional identity. feels good!

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