number quirks

i think everyone has favorite/lucky numbers right? ever since i was little it has been about 2 and 8. then by default even numbers are preferred. 4 is good (double luck on the 2s). 6, eh, nothing special, but certainly better than an odd number. it feels so weird to put that on paper.

my birthday is 7/23. that’s not very attractive numbers. but somewhere in the past year i started to really like it. i’m not sure what changed. something to do with clocks, maybe because i’m working nights and i see 7:23 on the clock more often? i’m not sure, but now when i see 7:23 on clocks i get a little burst of joy and i let it remind me to be thankful in general, to take a moment to dedicate to myself. i can’t believe i’m writing this down! when i saw it just now i got excited and closed my eyes and made a dedication/wish for my day… to be thankful, to work toward my potential, to do my best.

that’s it. one of the little things that gets me through the day!

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