3 days of group – day 3

by day 3 i was pretty fried, but still able to get something out of this group. i think groups are a pretty good mirror to people, an amplification of the adlerian concept of lifestyle. your lifestyle is the worldview you formatted very early in life that gives you a concept of how to frame yourself in the world, how women/men are, how the world works, locus of control (do i control my life or does it happen to me?), how you have to behave in order to find your safety, significance, and belonging in the world. so fascinating. we are taught that the quickest way to understand a person’s lifestyle is to take an early memory and examine it (not easy, but simple). there are many ways to understand a person’s lifestyle, including spending a chunk of time with them. i’m so happy to have had training in adlerian therapy. i truly believe it’s the best and most direct route for me to understand people and be effective as a therapist.

to work with this group was a somewhat holy opportunity in the way i view spirituality. this group was a safe place to come forward, be present with each other, supportive in discovering meaning about ourselves, our relationships, and our world. to be an observer and participant in seeing how we each operate, which problems we chose to present, and what that says about mistaken beliefs we have about how life works, trying to help each other through it by putting judgements aside and instead encouraging self-reflection and maybe reconsidering the beliefs that have driven our lives… that’s a holy place to be.

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