i didn’t post any music videos or any special tribute over the death of whitney houston.  it makes me very sad.  my sister wanted to check in with me and see how i felt because she knew how devastated i was when michael jackson passed.  my mom was telling her that whitney was like the female michael of the time when i was growing up.

absolutely not.  at least not for me.

i liked whitney a lot.  but what i remember from that time in my childhood was a grammys where she was up against janet jackson for many categories and she kept beating janet and i was very, very angry.  it was just not fair.  ahhhh… a child’s sensibilities.

but my fondest memories are something that popped up when i was making breakfast the other morning.  i was remembering the weekend afternoons i would spend at trina’s house as a kid, making up games, filling the time.  we would do a lot of name that tune based on our off-tune humming.  but i remember one afternoon where we were taking turns singing “the greatest love of all” and holding that long note at the end.  we would start off with, “and if by chance that special place…” (and then emotional kid stage whisper *special*) “that you’ve been dreaming ooooooooooof…. leads you to a lonely place… find your strength in loooooooove.”  we would literally time how long each of us could hold the last note, and they would be the winner.  🙂

making breakfast in my kitchen thinking back to being a kid with a game, i lingered on that song.  what a beautiful song to have as a kid growing up, it made me tear up a little bit.  i’m again thankful to have the music that was popular when i was young.  i feel fortunate.

i think that’s all i want to say about whitney.  i’ll leave the tearful stuff to wendy williams, who did such a nice job and showed amazing dignity.  rest in peace, golden-voiced lady.

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