sweaty monster

at the gym yesterday after a good, satisfying set of weights then cardio, i was stretching out on the mats.  i went to go get a paper towel to clean up and as i was wiping my face, this girl came up to get a paper towel, too.  i had my headphones on so i didn’t hear her right away but she said, “you’re sweating, that’s good, you were working hard!”  i told her it was kind of embarrassing to get so sweaty and she stopped to tell me, “don’t be embarrassed!  that’s what we’re here for, to work hard and get healthy.  be yourself!”  she was very sincere in taking that moment.

that was so kind.  i go to the gym and do my thing.  it was unexpected to get such a meaningful and life encompassing encouragement from a stranger.  be yourself.  yes.

and be kind to the sweaty monsters!  we’re working hard.

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