taking care of business

i’m thankful for beating off procrastination with a stick! 

at the end of last year, my house was a disaster and had been for months.  with my crazy schedule it just got away from me.  i spent my holiday time off doing some systematic cleaning, organizing, and purging… and hoped for the best.  but in my mind i was too cautious to think beyond, well at least it’s clean today.

fast forward a couple weeks and it still looks pretty good!  that’s amazing for me.  it’s not usually the dirtyness, but my mail, school paperwork, receipts, the dishes, and just crap overwhelms me!  what i’ve been doing is taking a few minutes every morning to tidy up anything left from the night before, wiping down counters, a little sweeping here, vaccuuming there.  it’s working, i’m not letting it get away from me!  i also think that having the house look pretty (and in control) makes room for me to take care of other business.  for instance, i’ve realized that automatic withdrawals from my bank account were ruining my life as someone whose income is not fixed and steady right now.  that wasn’t working for me anymore.  it was in the back of my mind to cancel the automatic thing, but it wasn’t conscious that this is going to really help me and managing my money closer will be a really good thing, and much less expensive!  so i’m taking care of that, and doing some overall purging of unnecessary things (clothes, pictures, outdated playlists).  good lord i love deleting!!  (but that doesn’t apply to friends, i’ve learned that lesson, that stops now.)

no more garbage house, garbage life

3 thoughts on “taking care of business

  1. I feel totally overwhelmed by garbage house garbage life. How are you finding the energy and time to do all this stuff? I just nap if I have a free moment. So, so tired.

  2. but that’s what i’m saying. garbage house garbage life lasted for quite a few months at my place. i got on top of it over the holidays when i would get a couple of days off in a row and could get chunks taken care of. if you don’t have that kind of time off, i recommend a list of bite sized (eh? nudge. eh?) tasks that you can accomplish and cross of little by little so you can make slow, steady progress.

  3. ps – anonymous posters: you can always sign your name at the bottom of your post manually. or, you can continue to be mysterious, which i actually don’t mind and think is kind of exciting.

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