dance 2: reflections on a saturday night

partner dancing.  very difficult for me.  the difficult part is allowing myself to be led.  everyone interacts differently in the partnership.  for me, i want to be led simply yet firmly.  we’ll get into the bells and whistles and flourishes and “hair combs” later but to begin with i have to understand how you’re leading me so i can begin to trust you, and then follow your lead.  i will not follow or respect weak or unsure leaders.

partner dancing is intimate.  with social partner dancing, the salsa tonight, where there are rules and patterns, dancing with a stranger is fine and the above stands.  but with informal dancing, the dancing where i want to let go and get into myself, the intimacy is especially strong because dancing is a piece of my essense and if i have to touch you and connect with you when i’m there… it just takes someone very special, someone i’m very comfortable with.

i’m not apologizing for that anymore.

(and dance is life.)

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