finishing what i’ve started

it’s not exactly a big success seeing as my paper was late, but i’m grateful for that feeling of finishing what i’ve started.  i turned in my papers for the last class yesterday and it feels good!  i didn’t do a fantastic job, but sometimes that’s just not the point.  i didn’t like this class, didn’t feel like it was anything new or challenging, but i chose topics to write about that interested me, found a bit of extra research that will help me in the future, and finished. 

on a larger note, i’m slowly conceptualizing what it will look like in these next few months as i finish up my masters!  next (final) semester will be full of extras (classes and projects) but after that, this is over.  it’s crazy!  yesterday i was sorting through all of my uploaded photos since 2006, and i came across my metro state graduation pictures from 2008.  just a few short years ago, i didn’t really have a huge focus, i just knew i needed to finally finish my undergrad after 14 years and 5 schools.  now i know exactly what i want for my career, i’m practicing and loving it!  what a relief.  at 35 i finally know what i want to be when i grow up 🙂  and i’m on track. 

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