so.  i love my internship and i hope they hire me when i graduate.  i love everything about this decision to become a therapist!  i love groups, i love individual therapy, i love watching people progress, seeing change become meaningful to them.  i love the steady progression from self-blame and defectiveness to empowerment and self-love.  it’s magnificent and i can’t believe i didn’t realize this was my destiny sooner. 

the only downside is the amount of debt i will have accumulated by the end of this adventure.  good God i am praying for some magical loan forgiveness to come in and take me away from all this!  so i researched it.  there is the standard 10 years at a non-profit while paying your loans.  this is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel, and you can ask for lower payments due to financial hardship, but couldn’t there be something more? 

why yes, there was. 

i found another national program that will do loan repayment at a much higher and quicker rate, which is awarded to particular agencies based on providing to underserved areas and populations.  once practitioners become licensed and work at these agencies, the government will pay back large chunks of student loans based on years of service to the agency.  i don’t know that my internship site will qualify but as an insurance to myself as a (hopefully) future employee, i had to bring it to someone there to check it out.  as it happened, my supervisor sent out a proposal of our departmental goals and one of this year’s goals was about hiring and retaining licensed practitioners.  well, did i have an answer for her!  i forwarded the information to my supervisor in a very user friendly email with links to the overview, the requirements, and other local agencies that have qualified. 

she was alllllllll over it!  she is making it her next big priority to see how we can qualify!  awesome. 

i did this as an insurance policy for myself, but this morning i woke up thinking of all the others in the agency that this could help.  we all have debt up the wazoo, and here’s an opportunity to relieve some of that crushing pressure and give some financial freedom to people working for the good of our communities.  i love it.  totally selfish purposes could lead to much needed help for many wonderful people. 

i’m thankful for my willingness to stick my nose in and speak up on that one! 

4 thoughts on “insurance

  1. Lola you were briefly talking about this to me… we need to talk more! I have tried to research some of this stuff and got frustrated. I need your knowledge! and ps- way to go!!!

  2. There is also a fellowship for mental health practitioners in hard to staff/underserved communities that you can apply to that will pay up to I think $60,000 worth of loans. I’ll try to find the link. I applied for it years a few years ago and did the essay wrong so they wouldn’t even read my application.

    Also, Lola I think you just clinched being hired at that agency. Well done:)

  3. So the program I was talking about is only in California. But are you talking about the NHSC or National Health Service Corps?

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