as you may know, i have one perfect sized cat and one very obese cat.  after loaning them out for a mousing job (yes, they are for hire!) i was introduced to the idea that i could start a new feeding routine with them to help get fatty’s weight down.

in the past i felt helpless, i didn’t think i was feeding them very much and in my mind they were eating the same amount.  but as i began to observe closer i had to come to terms with the fact that fatty would linger over the bowl long after normal size left, eventually laying down and making love to the dish until every last morsel was gone.

so, since they have returned home i have taken the advice of a very strange man with a lot of time on his hands.  in seperate bowls with just a little bit of food, i feed my cats and if i can remember, pick up the bowls after 3 mins – time’s up!  truth be told, i don’t have the leisure time to sit with a timer watching my cats eat, but i have done the separation and portion control.  this has been going on for about a month.  at first fatty would finish hers and then mosey on over to normal size’s leftovers.  but i pick that up and gently guide her away when i notice.

in the past few days i notice that fatty will leave a few crumbs in her own dish and walk away.  undertummy skin is a little looser on both cats.  i haven’t weighed them or anything but it looks like things might be changing for my lil chubb rock!

though i am a crazy cat lady in training, this story has a greater meaning.  along with the way i look at my clients, things i’ve seen in myself and my good friends in the last few days… i am in awe of the power to change.  apathy and laziness are the controlling factors in staying the same.  but with a little extra push, practice, work, we can all change.

i love my line of work:  therapy.

i love that i do believe and must believe in the power people (and obese cats) to change.

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