excuses, excuses

jill: hey wanna go to the micachu show with me tomorrow – i won free tickets on the current! (she always wins free tickets on the current. i’m not kidding, it’s been like 5 or 6 times at least.)

me: i’m too fat to go to concerts and stuff.

jill: shut your fucking mouth!

me: actually i’m surprised you would be ok with this crowd but not the sounds show.

jill: i will go to the sounds but not enjoy the crowd but it’s free tomorrow!

me: well my next excuse was gonna be that i’m broke but i guess that’s not gonna fly.

jill: ha ha yup! you gotta go! woooooohooooooo. so like they’re like the best thing to come out of 2009 apparently!

me: totally. i don’t have any 80s gear though. or any of my youth.

jill: we’re not going to try and look young. we’re going to look age appropriate and confident.

me: aaaahahahahahaha!

jill: what’s so damn funny? nothing? that’s right.

… but if it’s not funny, then why did i laugh so hard for the next five minutes?

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