excuses, excuses

jill: hey wanna go to the micachu show with me tomorrow – i won free tickets on the current! (she always wins free tickets on the current. i’m not kidding, it’s been like 5 or 6 times at least.)

me: i’m too fat to go to concerts and stuff.

jill: shut your fucking mouth!

me: actually i’m surprised you would be ok with this crowd but not the sounds show.

jill: i will go to the sounds but not enjoy the crowd but it’s free tomorrow!

me: well my next excuse was gonna be that i’m broke but i guess that’s not gonna fly.

jill: ha ha yup! you gotta go! woooooohooooooo. so like they’re like the best thing to come out of 2009 apparently!

me: totally. i don’t have any 80s gear though. or any of my youth.

jill: we’re not going to try and look young. we’re going to look age appropriate and confident.

me: aaaahahahahahaha!

jill: what’s so damn funny? nothing? that’s right.

… but if it’s not funny, then why did i laugh so hard for the next five minutes?

vma’s 2009

i’ve never been so sorry to not have cable.

however, thank you technology, youtube, and mtv.com.

thank you madonna, janet, and impressive dancers for paying sweet homage to my dearly beloved mj.

thank you beyonce, for endearing yourself to me more and more day by day, what a woman of grace.

thank you pink, you are amazing.

thank you lady gaga, i’m choking. vomiting. loving your courage, bravery, balls, talent, uniqueness, commitment to an idea. with every time i see it, i freak out even more.

thank you kanye. you’re an asshole but you believe it and i believe you. you should just be a little more empathetic in the moment. boo. yay! boo.

i feel thankful to not hate pop culture at this moment!

walking back to my car after kickball , i came upon this
obnoxiously overgrown gorgeous garden…

i love it when it’s visually overwhelming. it grounds me, stops me in my tracks, forces me to pay attention. lola… slow down… observe. these funky, ugly white ones right down there are the most fragrant. and look at the dead versions right behind! i love a garden because of the variety of plants and flowers you can find. the variety of life and death.

why did i never notice my favorite 3d flowers before, and now they’re everywhere i look?