things i did on my birthday

woke up and straigtened up to the sounds of stevie wonder

hooped to reckoner but gave up before the end because i wasn’t as into it as i wanted to be

danced to my favorite mj song

cooked myself a delicious and healthy breakfast

biked to work but listened to my ipod for the first time while riding now that i’ve returned to riding. i used to listen to music while biking all the time. mgmt was a fantastic return to that freedom, and i shaved 10 mins off my ride with the music and the tuned up bike!

had a good attitude at work for the first time in a long time. even flirted with some sweet elderly things over the phone 🙂

ate a delicious and healthy homemade soup for lunch – curry soup with sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts, topped with fresh basil… mmmm…

biked home through my fatigue and felt good about it

took a relaxing bath

put on my party dress after a rushed attempt at getting ready for dinner. hated it and changed my mind and that’s ok. sometimes comfort and utility prevails!

had a very nice dinner with fantastic service with some beautiful ladies

went skating. arrived during jt’s spiritual experience with r kelly, followed by the birthday song that was dedicated to me: mj “u rock my world.” they tried to request my jam, “butterflies.” unfortunately we were too late and it had already played. consolation prizes worked for me. i skated the whole time and it was glorious, delightful, lovely. my tattoo glowed in its absolute rightness.

had some cocktails with some good friends at rudolphs. nice conversation, nice introductions. and it ended with a surprise appearance: jt on the 1’s and 2’s playing my favorite mj song.

ended in slumber safe at home.

i planned for a lot of these simple pleasures. yet i was fortunate enough to be at a point in my life where i’m flexible enough to do what it takes to complete some of these small goals, while being open to letting go of the things that just didn’t work out. nothing i wouldn’t have done any other day… but the combination of experiences added up to a delightful 33!


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