gifts and responsibility

creativity is a gift. it’s something you are born with. i’m talking here about talent, too. if you are blessed with something wonderful and unique, it’s a beautiful opportunity to be able to hone that craft. practice, experiment and make it yours – fantastic!

but there are some who have unique talents, who through lot in life or circumstance or family situation are unable to give attention and practice to making themselves sharper.

i used to be a great performer, who was a little too self-conscious to ever give it my complete all, at least until curtain time. i never quite came enough from inside myself to see my full potential. people who knew me when i was younger still ask me, years and years later, “Lola? why don’t you sing or act anymore? you were so talented…”

lately, being an extra in an awesome little local movie, and watching big time movies that my old friends are in, i’ve given a second thought to what could be if i honed my craft. because it’s not just about natural talent. it’s about practice, experiment, and making it yours.

i’m finding new ways and new mediums. but i think about it sometimes… a little effort in another direction could mean something totally different on your path…

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