i’ve read and heard people talking about robots lately. i’ve always enjoyed robots. where did it all begin? maybe with star wars? or with small wonder on saturday mornings? i can sing you that whole theme song. i have a lot of old tv jingles in the recesses of my memory. i get requests for the crispy critters cereal theme on occasion (and let me tell you, i’m magnificent).

but enough about that, the topic was robots.

when i was a preschool teacher somehow robots came up. and being that robots are totally rad, the kids were super into talking about them. “if i were a robot,” i told them, “my name would be lobot.” max was maxbot 5000. calvin was calvitron. (i hope you read that with robot inflection.) we got into practicing our robot moves and robot voices. we laughed really hard during those times. teaching 3 yr olds how to robot out is pretty awesome, you should try it!

my other robot story is how chris, natasha and i would get all high and then natasha and i would robot out on chris and scare the shit out of him. it still tickles me to think of the horror and genuine fear on his face… cuz we weren’t super realistic or talented at it. i think it was mainly about the scary robot eye. that and the death threats.

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