the company of men

there was a time when i had a lot of guy friends. i’m not sure what happened but i found myself recently with very few, which is too bad.

i think that having male friends is important. as a single woman it helps to remind me that there are great guys out there, and not get so caught up in the bad examples i see. plus i think there’s just an important exchange of male and female essence that is fulfilling to me. i miss it.

in the past little while i have had a chance to start some more male friendships. i’m glad about it! it feels really nice. and i want to pursue those more fully. of course this brings the age old question of “can men and women really be friends?” i think so. i think there’s a balance you need to strike between attraction and platonic energy. because i think it’s kind of naive to think that there would be no attraction at all between a man and woman who like each other and care about one another. and i think that balance needs adjustment when one of the people gets into a relationship. i can be a jealous person in that way, but it’s more about respect. if i’m seeing someone, i wouldn’t want an outside party watching them interact with other women to assume they’re available. keep your friendships, just adjust your behaviors to show respect.

that being said, i think that for me at least, having more male friends will help me prepare for my next relationship. it’s good to have men in your life who appreciate you and care about you. as many as you can.

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