my sewing machine

this will be like an appetizer to what i’m really thinking about – spring cleaning. bajeebees i’m awesome! it’s better than it sounds, i promise.

so i started a sewing class last week, the culmination of a long time dream. i bought an old machine at savers probably ten years ago and was trying to teach myself to use it but it kept breaking needles on me. i investigated, took it apart (i love doing that, my mom says that’s a mechanical intelligence, a family trait, but i haven’t heard it talked about in a long time) but didn’t know enough about it to fix it and ended up throwing it away.

i found this current machine in grandpa’s basement a couple years ago and took it home with me. it moved with me into grandpa’s house when i lived there for a year and a half, and it moved with me into my new place. never touched. i do this, i collect things i want to do and then i drag them around with me place to place. it’s funny what gets used and what you find out years later you’ve dragged around for no reason.

turns out that’s not the case with my machine.

as with many things lately, i find myself suddenly doing something i’ve always thought i would love to do. i guess i’ve been kind of a scaredy cat. i have a fear sometimes of trying new things, things i just know i would be good at… but what if i fail?

then again, what if i succeed?

so last week was like an introduction to class. she said if we wanted to learn on our own machines to bring them, and the manual, this week. she said we should try to have the machine threaded by next session. class is tomorrow, i accept my obsession with the last minute. so tonight i read through the first part of my manual, identifying parts and getting aquanted. just a few minutes ago i lowered the foot on my threaded machine. satisfaction is mine!

i’m just very proud of myself for this time in my life. i’m scared to death of the changes i’m forcing on myself (again, refer to future blog, “spring cleaning”) but if feels good to push forward anyway. and i love that after graduation last, i’m doing the things i always put off because i didn’t have time. i’m conquering another beast. fine so i may not be able to teach myself to sew, but i’m finally enrolled in that class i always talked about and i’m doing it.

this is so exciting!

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